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      WayzIM won the honorary cup of "Best supplier" of SF group and Danniao Logistics

      Datetime:2020-01-15 13:56:31

      Guided with market demand, customer requirement as the vane. WayzIM brings perfect service to develop together with customer satisfaction.

      At the end of 2019, WayzIM won the praise from many customers. These honors not only affirm the excellent products and services provided by WayzIM for customers in this year, but also become the source power for us to develop new technology to support the vigorous development of the logistics industry, and also indicate the good beginning of the enterprise in 2020.

      In December 2019, WayzIM won the award of "Best supplier - outstanding contribution award 2019" issued by SF group. This award is awarded to WayzIM, as an important supplier of cross belt sorter of SF group, for its advanced technical ability to assist in the research and development of new products and provide unremitting support and trust for the operation and development of SF.

      New starting point with new journey. In new year 2020, Danniao logistics, a brand-new digital intelligent distribution brand under CIAO NIAO, also awarded the "2019 Best supplier" trophy to WayzIM.

      The award of "Best supplier" of SF group and Danniao logistics will open a new chapter of mutual trust and win-win cooperation. WayzIM will strengthen further exchanges and cooperation with its partners, maintain long-term, good and close cooperative relations, and work with customers to grow together.

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