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      【Case Sharing】Innovative application of WayzIM high speed sorting system in TMALL warehouse

      Datetime:2020-04-09 15:46:25

      Project background

      With the in-depth development of new retail, consumers' demand for timeliness and service of delivery has been continuously improved. The high efficiency, digital and automation of logistics distribution has become a new trend, which will replace the traditional manual sorting and distribution. Through building the logistics distribution center, TMALL warehouse system intensive sorting solves the pain of e-commerce logistics. It also improves the overall efficiency and economic benefits of logistics distribution. In the sorting case of an e-commerce distribution center in Zengcheng, Guangzhou. WayzIM innovatively provided an efficient sorting equipment solution to help e-commerce sorting move towards automation.




      The goods from the superior distribution center will enter the sorting system through four transportation lines. The incoming goods has already been basic pre-sorted, corresponds to the two feeding areas of the sorting machine. Each area corresponds to two conveyor lines.

      After the parcel arrives at the feeding area of the sorting machine, the swing arm mechanism controls the baffle to move to different angles through the motor to change the trajectory of the parcel, so that the parcel is evenly distributed to the feeding chute. The customized roller is used for the feeding chute to ensure the goods slide gently and avoid lower end of the parcel from backlog damage. In the two areas, there are 16 feeding machines. The worker will feed the parcels into the automatic sorting machine (one car with two belts) through the feeding machine. The sorting machine will collect information by five-side scanning codes, then unload the parcels to the corresponding roller type chute. By doing all these steps to achieve sorting machine automatic sorting.

      The chute temporarily stores the goods. Manually put the parcels on the tray to collect bags and complete the collecting bags' code printing. Then the goods are ready for loading.


      Main technology and equipment

      The automatic sorting system is suitable for parcels with minimum size of L160mm*W80mm*H15mm, maximum size of L600mm*W600mm*H600mm and weight of 150g~ 30kg.

      The equipment is mainly used for sorting parcels, packaging materials are cartons, plastic bags or original boxes, etc., mainly used for sorting materials in TMALL warehouse. The equipment is equipped with 16 semi-automatic feeding machines in two areas and the design of one car with two belts. The average processing capacity in the actual production environment is not less than 18,000 pieces/hour. Full day processing capacity not less than 350000 pieces. In order to reduce the damage, the chute adopts damping drum design, which greatly reduces the damage rate of goods (less than 0.01%).


      Main highlights of the project

      The whole project has four highlights, mainly including:


      1.    The project adopts the method of one cart with two belts, which can meet the requirements of sorting both large and small parcels, the maximum sorting weight can reach 30kg. Small parcels are sorted by one cart and large parcels by two carts. The flexible design can meet the customer's customization needs.


      2.    Sorting accuracy above 99.99%, high processing speed, achieve high density sorting (18,000 pieces/hour).


      3.    The slope of the chute, the surface material and the structure of the chute are designed with damping drum to ensure that the parcels with different quality and outer packing can slide smoothly, which can greatly reduce the rate of parcel damage.


      4.    The equipment adopts five-sided scanning camera, which greatly reduce the work of manual sorting. Only need manual feeding to realize automatic sorting.


      Project operation effect

      After the project is launched, the sorting machine runs stably, greatly reduces the operator's operation and labor costs, effectively improves the operation efficiency, speeds up the delivery of goods, and solves the problem that goods overstock occupies the space.


      User evaluation

      The project of logistics distribution center, which adopts the solution of efficient sorting with Cross belt one car two belt sorting equipment from WayzIM. To the customer this is a new attempt and application, has great significance. At the same time, the new launch of the sorting system has verified the comprehensive capability of WayzIM to service e-commerce logistics distribution center.

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