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      Large Parcel Automatic Sorting System


      Large parcel automatic sorting system is composed of dynamic scale,3D size measuring instrument (optional assembly),high precision bar code recognition system and sorting module belt. After the large package is automatically collected by the dynamic scale device on the conveyor belt, the bar code and weight are automatically collected, and the corresponding sorting port of the package is obtained from the server, thereby completing the entire sorting task. Large parcel automatic sorting system can replace manual sorting, which greatly reduces the error of manual and manual data collection.




      • Greatly reduced manpower with automatic sorting
      • Turning the original manual weighing into automatic weighing ensures the accuracy of the data and reduces the error
      • Adopting the "soft sorting" mode to avoid violent sorting and ensure the integrity of the customer's express items
      • The system is mainly for large parcel sorting, which can work without interruption, and greatly reduce manpower and physical strength
      • Effectively reduce the cost of labor



      Sorting capacity
      Speed of main sorting line
      Sorting accuracy rate
      Bar code recognition rate
      Dynamic scale accuracy rating
      DC motor
      Shape of sortable items
      Woven bag, soft package, carton, etc
      Size of sortable items
      Length:≤1200mm Width:≤1200mm Height:≤800mm
      Weight of items

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