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      Intelligent Sorting of Logistics Packages

      The cross-belt sortation system provides the ability to handle a wide range of the cargoes, from very small envelops to big parcels which are as heavy as 30kgs. The high speed of 2.5 meters per second and accurate product orientation result in a maximum 24,000 carriers per hour.

      The system speeds up the process of assembly, giving the users a system which is reliable and quiet in operation process and low down the future maintenance cost.


      Wayzim is the company who masters the 8 Core Technologies in the field of express parcel automatic sorting system.



      Main Product:

      • Cross-belt Sortation System
      • Large Parcel Automatic Sorting System
      • Linear Automatic Sorting System
      • Grayscale Detector - Empty Disc Detection System
      • Real-time Dynamic Monitoring System
      • DWS system
      • Barcode Reading System


      Message +86 510 8872 1008