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      Camera Barcode Reading Solution

      WayzIM provide deeply customize of the logistics industry requirements such as the logistics express parcel's automatic sortation system and the parcel's weighing and measuring system.

      Image-based code readers provide flexibility, high performance, convenience and simplicity. The CodeRD Line series of barcode identification system independently developed by wayzim is the perfect way to realize fast and automatic sortation and process traceability of goods and parcels.


      CodeRD Line series barcode reading devices are highly integrated with linear light sources, fixed-focus industrial lenses, high-speed high-resolution image acquisition components, embedded processors, controlling systems, radiator and other components for low-cost applications and easy on-site installation.
      Meanwhile, it provides a solution for scanning the bottom of th e logistics parcel, making the six-sided scanning of barcode come true and improving the sortation efficiency. The DSP-based barcode recognition algorithm adopts technologies like the completely self-developed Fine Decode technology, built-in "horizontal and vertical bi-directional barcode stitching", "super-resolution
      reconstruction" and "lossless rotation of pixel", being capable of reading barcode at high speed and easily dealing with problems such as barcode fouling, wrinkle deformat ion, tilting, blurring, and so on, with accuracy rate above 99%, reaching an unprecedented height in the industry.



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